About Me

Being a graphic designer and passionate about baking, I created Artilicious, a perfect mix of these two, to which I incorporate creativity, inspiration and originality. This makes it a company specialized in the design of personalized custom cakes, sweet tables and other little treats and small desserts such as cookies, cake pops and more; always based on the theme of the event. Of course, taste and quality are just as important and work in parallel with the aesthetics…

It’s about making an event stand out

At Artilicious, our passion is making your birthday or special events stand out. Whether it’s customized cakes, cake pops, cookies, piñatas or sweet tables and more they all work together to add to the joy of celebrating this event! 

It’s about the ingredients

We always use the finest ingredients in baking our sweets. So that they not only look nice but taste very good as well! We also offer a variety of flavors and fillings. 

It’s about VaRiEtY

Original and unique: words that can describe any of our creations! We base our sweets on your theme and event. So you can be sure that your sweet table is always one of a kind!

Rania Salhab: Owner & Cake Designer